New Release – HANGMAN by Van Tastik

New Release – HANGMAN by Van Tastik

Descended from noblemen, paupers, tradesmen and sailors – many of them shrouded in mystery; the Reverend Van’s music tells the tale of this darkness and turmoil – the highs and lows of a bohemian life packed into his suitcase, his guitar and his voice. We can expect a new tale on 12 February.

How would you describe the genre of the song?

“Dark country/alternative rock track is a thumping, vintage-kissed Wild West theme tune that I hope will remind readers of classic rock, country and rockabilly acts like Johnny Cash, Link Wray and The Shadows or contemporary acts like Zeal & Ardor and Me and That Man.

What inspired you to write this song?

“From the day I wrote this, I always pictured the whole thing as a Western – warbling guitar sounds, slapback delay, hot barren deserts and cowboys chasing robbers on horseback. Basically, just like any Classic Western film or Tarantino/Rodriguez flick, you know? In terms of the subject of the lyrics, I take from all over the place but here I wrote from the perspective of a reformed “bad guy” who’s seeking absolution and forgiveness for his wrongs by willingly handing himself in to “The Hangman” after handling his last affairs to make up for his wrongs. It’s inspired from stories of those around me and even a little from my own. We’re always growing as people and changing and sometimes that means realizing you were wrong or mean without meaning to be.”

What are you hoping to achieve with this release?

“World domination, no no, in all seriousness just recognition and growing my fan base. I’m also trying to slowly introduce people to my world. A world that may seem dark at first but actually it’s a fascination for the old, the vintage and the rejects and underdogs. Most importantly mine is a universe of acceptance, wonder, uniqueness, creation and plurality. I’d like to get larger gigs and begin to make a living again from music through merch, syncs and endorsements.”

What’s the story behind the artwork?

“The story comes from the song idea, the western theme, old western films, wild wild west. The photoshoot was done here in the Netherlands at Soesterduinen which was perfect. It truly looks like a giant American West Coast desert.”