New Release – Half Alive by Interstate Drive

New Release – Half Alive by Interstate Drive

Showcasing a mesmerising alt-rock sound, BBC Introducing featured Southampton/Portsmouth (UK) three-piece Interstate Drive have a distinctive blend of driving guitar hooks with captivating melodies. Having been compared  to bands such as Biffy Clyro, The Killers, and Mallory Knox, they have appeared on numerous playlists. 

Interstate Drive’s captivating new track, ‘Half Alive’ kicks off with a contagious blend of soaring guitars and anthemic vocals that instantly hook listeners. The song swiftly evolves into an adrenaline-fueled explosion of sound. The lyrics delve into the emotional complexities of feeling caught between two worlds, torn between the shackles of the present and the hope for the future. With their distinct sound and powerful vocals, Interstate Drive has already made waves on BBC Introducing, and their signature blend of driving rock and emotive storytelling is set to captivate.

What’s the song about?

“The song discusses frustrations and mental health issues, a feeling of being trapped in a situation or place, aspiring to something else, and the feelings of impossibility attaining this.”

When did you write it? 

“The start of the lyrics began from a journal entry in 2021, when things were getting a bit much, however as the music was written, the meaning became a bit more global, and mental, rather than a specific situation. The final song was completed in about Christmas 2021, and we played it live a few times before recording it at the beginning of the year.”

What does this song mean to you? 

“I’m really excited to have recorded it. To me, it sounds like an upbeat song, filled with hooks, however the lyrics really attempt to address something a lot darker. It is quite story driven, which I don’t tend to do very often. I am also really proud of the melody of the lead vocal. I think it has come out exactly as I imagined it.”

What movie or tv series should feature your song and why?

“Wouldn’t it be great if it was in an episode of Black Mirror? I like the comparisons that I can draw with the meaning of it to the episode: San Junipero.”

Is this release different from your previous releases? What are you hoping to achieve with this release?

“We went big on this one. There are over 110 recorded tracks on it. I really wanted to layer up the vocal lines and melodies and have quite a driving guitar track. There was even a microphone in the car park to pick up some ambient drums and bass.”

Where was it recorded and mixed?

“It was recorded and mixed at The Ranch in Southampton by Lou Sawdy, in a huge barn style building, filled to the brim with excellent amps, mics, and drums. The track was mastered by Stephen Kerrison.”

“If you have a look at our Facebook page, you can see some of the photos, including the loudest Bass rig!”

About the artwork…

“I wanted the cover to be quite stark. Our last release had a lot of cover, and a hidden meaning, where I wanted this one to be quite plain, and really try to get across the feeling of being trapped or stuck. I think it works well. It’s quite a striking image. A few people on Twitter have said it looks scary, which feeling trapped can sometimes feel like!”

‘Half Alive’ and will be out 21st July. A pre-save is available here.


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