New Release – Green and Gold by River Knight

New Release – Green and Gold by River Knight

River Knight (UK) consists of Mark Stone River on lead vocals and longtime friend Darren Knight on guitar and harmonies, playing their own brand of acoustic guitar based indie, folk, rock, pop songs.

The guys have known each other a long time and have been in bands together over the years starting with Happy As Larry and concluding with This Black Static. They first got together as a duo around mid 2017 after the tragic and way too soon passing of Darren’s wife. These get togethers started out as what can best be described as “therapy jams” which were part of Darren’s grieving/healing process, and it was during these sessions that the first River Knight song ‘Heaven’s Door’ was written.

In 2018 River Knight started playing gigs in and around the Southampton, Portsmouth and London areas on a regular basis and soon realised they needed something recorded. Around September of that year they contacted another longtime friend in Greyum May (Keeper’s Brew) and started recording at Mutant Labs Studio in Southampton. On 17th December 2018, the second anniversary of Darren’s beloved’s passing, the fully recorded version of ‘Heaven’s Door’ was released on Bandcamp, followed by a Spotify release in early 2019.

In 2021 they released their debut album ‘Grow’, which was recorded remotely over lockdown.

Their new song ‘Green and Gold’, is a catchy, anthemic pop infused track that has shades of The Beatles and Blur written about the unfair distribution of wealth, the ridiculous way finance is created (see Fractional Reserve Banking), the finite lifespan of capitalism and the control the richest people on the planet have over everything and everyone else.

“It’s a catchy tune with decent hooks and lyrics that will hopefully get someone somewhere to look a little deeper than what is presented to us by the powers that be.“

“I wrote this song earlier this year. The lyrics are special to me as it’s really the first time I’ve gone political. All our other songs are about relationships, feelings, or one of the many vices you can have.”

“In a way it’s autobiographical. In a way I suppose, because I just earn enough to live and pay the bills, but I know there are people much worse off. But the way things are going with the disparity between wages and the cost of living it’s only going to get worse. It would suit a series like Dynasty.”

“This is the first release with a different producer, so the overall finished sound has a slightly different feel to our other releases while still remaining in the same ball park.”

“The video will be available on our YouTube page.”

Green and Gold is out 24th November. A pre-save is available.


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