New Release – Goodbye (To Life on the Inside) by Andrew Thomas

New Release – Goodbye (To Life on the Inside) by Andrew Thomas

With a passion for vocal harmonies and inspired by Pop, Country and Americana, Andrew Thomas is a British songwriter & performer.

Growing up Andrew was privileged to have a father that was a DJ and record collector. He would spend hours listening to old vinyl on his record player in his bedroom. Now, with influences from Crowded House, Ocean Colour Scene, Turin Brakes, Dispatch and Jamestown Revival, his latest album ‘Backs Against the Wall’ pulls all those sounds into one place.

His new single ‘Goodbye (To Life on the Inside)’ will be out on Friday 5th November. A pre-save is available.

What’s the song about?

“‘Goodbye (To Life on the Inside)’ is a song written about taking a second chance. Everyone makes mistakes. Some are fortunate enough to get away with their mistakes, having little to no consequences; some are left with the harsh reality of their actions. But as we grow and develop, it’s about making the right choices in the future. Becoming a better version of ourselves. Standing up and being counted especially for those that need and love us most.”

When did you write it?

“We were away camping as a family in Scotland in 2017. It’s always great for relaxing, listening to music and just sitting with a guitar. There are no day-to-day life distractions when you’re camping. You’re out in the fresh air, it can really get you thinking about stuff. It’s always a nice reminder that I don’t need much to be happy.”

Is this release different from your previous releases?

“Yeah, this song is quite different for me. Every song is written is based around an acoustic guitar. There’s not an acoustic in this song at all. I’ve really tried to embrace my love for the 90s Britpop sound.”

“I released an album last year that I’m really proud of. It’s given me the belief to try and succeed as an artist and songwriter.”