New Release – Gold by Odd Wall

New Release – Gold by Odd Wall

Music producer Odd Wall is set to release his new track ‘Gold’ on August 5th. A pre-save is available here.

What’s the song about?

“Gold is about turning your heartbreak into motivation to be successful and how you are no longer the same person you used to be. Turning all your scars into positivity. It’s about the people from your past that didn’t believe in you or your dreams that suddenly want to try and get back in contact with you when they really don’t know you as a person anymore.”

Is this release different from previous releases?

“I would say yes, it’s definitely more of a pop record than anything else although you could probably class it as R&B as well. I would say it’s probably one of my best productions to date. I like not sticking to just one genre, I love making music that I want to make and be influenced to go in any direction I want to.”

Where was it recorded and mixed?

“At my home studio here in sunny Doncaster (UK) is where I produced it. The vocals were recorded in Canada and then I mixed and mastered it back at my home studio. The vocalist on the track is in a sticky situation at the moment with a record label so it was either release the track without his name on it or don’t release the track at all which is disappointing because I think he should get a lot of credit for this song. Hopefully the situation changes soon and I can add his name to the credits.”