New release – Go! Go! Go! (EP) by LOBSTERBOMB

New release – Go! Go! Go! (EP) by LOBSTERBOMB

LOBSTERBOMB is an indie punk-rock band formed in a Berlin basement in 2020, consisting of Nico Rosch (vocals/guitar – she/her), Vik Chi (drums – she/her) and Crayon Jones (guitar – he/him).

The band met after posting handwritten classified ads on the instagram page @weformedaband, run by the band GURR. With a shared determination to make something happen after many failed attempts at starting bands, LOBSTERBOMB have arrived and are ready to finally hit the stage with their blend of high energy performance and personal lyricism.

LOBSTERBOMB will release their debut EP ‘Go! Go! Go!’ on 30th July. The EP approaches themes of personal introspection, desire for change and individual growth through a lens of energetic, raw and catchy indie-garagerock.

“The whole process from writing and developing the songs to recording was done with the pandemic in the background, which has been a challenging time for everyone. There were long periods when we couldn’t meet or play together, but it is a testament of how much the band and songs mean to us that we were determined to keep going and make things happen.”

“We record in a very DIY style in our rehearsal space in Neukölln, Berlin. This allows us to take our time rather than being under pressure to get something finished within a set time limit. Each track is generally recorded over a few weeks. First Vik will record the drums alone and then we all work on the guitars and vocal tracks together over two or three sessions. This also lets us listen back after each session and see if there is something we want to change or add, such as the synth in ‘Yes Yes Yeah’ or the piano in ‘I Want Noise’. Once we have everything recorded our friend Peter Thoms from the band Akne Kid Joe does a great job of mixing the songs for us.”

“We are so excited for the EP finally to be released! With the lockdowns and restrictions hopefully coming slowly to an end we are really happy to have something out there so we can start playing shows and working on the next tracks. We already have another EPs worth of songs written and ready to be recorded so expect a lot more from us soon!”