New Release – Gimme a Cookie and Shut Up (album) by Chris Hardy World

New Release – Gimme a Cookie and Shut Up (album) by Chris Hardy World

Chris Hardy World is one guy from Edgefield, South Carolina (USA), who writes a lot of songs. He sings, plays all the instruments including real drums and records his music at home. Sometimes rock, sometimes pop and maybe some jazz or lounge music as well. As a songwriter, Chris is influenced by artists like XTC, Robyn Hitchcock, Beck and Sting.

He recently released an album ‘Gimme A Cookie And Shut Up‘. The album is also available on Bandcamp.

“In the first two months of 2021, I wrote and recorded 50 songs – about 20 of them were reserved for 2 other albums I was going to release and these are kinda the best of what remained. They’re mostly rock songs, some are serious and others are downright silly, and I recorded them myself at home.”

“The phrase “Gimme a cookie and shut up” came from a conversation with my wife about what our dog would say to us if he could talk. It means literally nothing as far as its relation to the songs and I’m perfectly okay with that.

“I like ‘Dislodged‘ the best – it’s a mid-tempo catchy rock song about escaping a miserable situation by using diagnostic thinking (plan A, plan B, plan C, etc), which I’ve done numerous times in my life. It’s a very useful way to utilize one’s creativity! Kinda like playing chess.”