New Release – Games by Sean Buckley featuring Laura Jayne

New Release – Games by Sean Buckley featuring Laura Jayne

Sean Buckley writes descriptive melodic electronica. He has recently collaborated with Lewca and Chris James Willow. On November 19th we can expect a new release, the haunting atmospheric song ‘Games’, which is a collaboration with Laura Jayne. And, as with all art, ‘Games’ has a backstory, which Laura describes as follows.

“Sean and I met on Twitter. I helped start a radio show earlier this year on WFTH From The Holler Radio, which supports independent music. Sean was releasing collaborations with other artists and I interviewed him and Lewca for the show.”

“We have a pretty good music family over on Twitter and some of us were involved with something called “Murdered Song of the Day” and I posted a small video of me playing some bad guitar and singing. It was the first time I ever had the confidence to do anything like that. After a few attempts I posted an original song and that’s when Sean approached me and asked if I could write something to go with his previously released tune called ‘Space’ which you can find in his back catalogue.”

“The song itself is very simple. Sean sent me the music as I was leaving work one day and I wrote the chorus before I got home a couple of hours later and it was finished.“

“Guess I base my songs mostly on past experiences and feelings I’ve had. As the song was originally called ‘Space’ that’s what I built the lyrics around. Trying to clear a space in your head so you can think straight. Overthinking is something we can all be guilty of – especially when it comes to love. Sometimes we don’t know what we want and we can lead others to believe we want their love without meaning too. Sharing things we wouldn’t usually share with just a friend or asking for things that go beyond friendship, pushing the boundaries so they become blurred without actually realising what we are doing to the person each time their love is then rejected. Making them fall deeper, drawing them in then pushing them away again. Then you think, “Is it just a game to them?” They get what they want/need at the time without any investment. How do you stop overthinking that? When someone makes you feel so special, like the only person in the world who matters in that moment but makes you so easily disposable in the next. You don’t want to think about them anymore, but you just can’t stop. Maybe it’s not that simple after all.”

“My lyrics are just a release, or a story, a way to get my feeling out, but I try to make them relatable to anyone who needs to know they are not alone in a situation.”

“I recorded the vocals with a good friend of mine Mr James (The Silver Fox) Henderson who, along with Sean, and a couple more ideas from me, came up with the finished product, which we really hope you enjoy.”

Laura Jayne is new singer songwriter from the North East of England. This last year has been a bit of a whirlwind for Laura Jayne. From setting up a small playlist, to becoming a radio show presenter, to people realising she could sing and even write a half decent set of lyrics.