New Release – Four Leaf Clover by Demi Michelle

New Release – Four Leaf Clover by Demi Michelle

Demi is a pop-country singer originally from Pittsburgh (USA). She kicked off her songwriting journey in 2019. After releasing several singles, she delivered her debut album ‘Dear Diary’, in October 2021. This eleven-track album, which includes Demi’s popular single ‘Will I Ever’, truly gives listeners a glimpse into Demi’s heart and story. The songs capture honesty and vulnerability, much like diary entries do. Demi wrote this album for herself to explore her thoughts, feelings, and insecurities. Through writing ‘Dear Diary’, she has gone on a journey of self-discovery.

Wasn’t your upcoming new single ‘Four Leaf Clover’ supposed to be on your album ‘Dear Diary’?

“I decided to hold on to it and release it in the spring. Because of the belief that four leaf clovers are lucky, I made the choice to release the song on St. Patrick’s Day.”

What inspired you to write ‘Four Leaf Clover’?

“The song was inspired by a beautiful metaphor I thought of one day. I was feeling lots of emotions during the time I was writing and recording my debut album ‘Dear Diary’, that had to do with my insecurities and hopes of falling in love. One day, I was thinking about hopefully feeling lucky sometime in the future. Then, a four leaf clover popped into my mind. Four leaf clovers are rare and special, and I got a rush of inspiration when this crossed my mind. I wanted to do something unique with this metaphor. Instead of using the four leaf clover metaphor for love itself, I decided to use it to refer to me. In the chorus, I say: All I can do is wonder if someone will ever feel lucky to find me, like I’m a four leaf clover.”

“I love metaphors in songwriting. Every time I get a metaphorical spark of inspiration, I hold on to it because I end up writing some of my most meaningful songs. ‘Four Leaf Clover’ is definitely a special one.”

How would you describe the song?

“It is a fully acoustic song, featuring acoustic guitar, bass, and my vocals. When I wrote the song, I initially envisioned it being more produced. After hearing this song stripped back once the guitar and bass were recorded, I decided to leave it fully acoustic. It really captures the vulnerability and emotion at the heart of the song.”

“It has a singer/songwriter, pop-folk feel. It’s definitely a unique one for me because I typically write contemporary pop and country-pop. One of my favorite things about being a songwriter is allowing my songs to unfold the way they’re meant to. Even though I had a more contemporary pop vision for this song at first, I realized it’s meant to be a very intimate, acoustic song.”

What can you tell me about the artwork?

“My graphic designer, Eddie Davis, did such a fabulous job with the artwork. It holds so much meaning, and the artwork makes this song extra special.”

“Four leaf clovers are considered to be magical, both because of folklore and because they are quite rare. So, the artwork captures a magical forest scene. There’s lots of fairy dust and magical light beams slightly breaking through the forest canopy. There’s a cluster of four leaf clovers, along with a single four leaf clover that has dew on its leaves.”

“Above the cluster of four leaf clovers, there’s a butterfly in flight. The butterfly is extremely symbolic. Butterflies are a huge symbol of ‘Dear Diary’ especially for the album’s main track, ‘Will I Ever’. Since ‘Four Leaf Clover’ is the closing entry of the Dear Diary chapter, it was important to have a butterfly in the artwork. The butterfly flying away represents how ‘Dear Diary’ is coming to an end and a new dawn is on the horizon.”

“Also, in the photo, I’m writing in my butterfly journal. Eddie worked his magic to remove me from the original picture and place me on the stone staircase in the artwork. There’s a ton of symbolism in the staircase. The magical forest scene is made up of fairytales and dreams. No matter how beautiful it is, a magical forest is something of the imagination, not reality. The staircase represents that life isn’t easy. It’s a struggle and takes determination. It requires me to keep pushing on, keep climbing. The story here is that once I stop writing in my butterfly journal, I will set it down, climb the stairs, and go get the things in life that I want. Dreams are beautiful and wondrous, but it’s up to me to make them reality.”

“So, there you have it. The ‘Four Leaf Clover’ artwork is so symbolic and special to me. I can’t thank Eddie enough for making it for me. He’s so creative and talented, and now, I have a gorgeous piece of artwork that holds so much meaning. I love it so much.”

‘Four Leaf Clover’ will be out 17th March.