New Release – Forgiveness powder by Joe Peacock

New Release – Forgiveness powder by Joe Peacock

Joe Peacock is a singer-songwriter from Birmingham who’s making a name for himself as a genre-hopping storyteller with a prolific output. Joe writes songs that explore different themes from most. He’s written about writers, explorers, hermits and even animals, but doesn’t shy away from expressing strong opinions on political and social justice issues, either.

His new release ‘Forgiveness powder’ will be out on 17th June. A pre-save is available.

“One day, I was going down an internet wormhole about women who’d been hanged, but professed their innocence (as you do), when I was struck by this title – “Miss Blandy and the forgiveness powder”. I read about it and immediately thought: “This would make a brilliant subject for a song.” Basically, this woman called Mary Blandy got tricked by a charlatan into poisoning her father because he wanted to get his hands on her dowry. For some reason, this very well educated woman was blinded by falling in love with this short ugly gambling addict, even though he was already married and her dad strongly disapproved of him. It didn’t end well for anyone, so there’s definitely a moral in there!”

“It has a bit of a drum’n’bass feel to it, but with 1980s electro pop synths over the top. The lyrics still definitely sound like me and I hope that people who’ve liked my other songs will go on this journey with me to places where they might not normally go musically, because it still makes sense artistically with what I am trying to do.”

“Like all my songs, it was recorded at home. I wrote the music first, as usual – it was just called “Mega Fast” before it had lyrics, because at 165bpm, it’s definitely the fastest song I’ve done. A little while later I wrote the lyrics and recorded the vocals over the top. It was mixed and mastered by a friend of mine who lives in St Petersburg and goes by the name Jack Benzin professionally. We used to play together a bit and I wrote lyrics for his bands when I lived over there, but he’s basically a sound engineer now. I think he’s done a great job on giving it a punchy sound.”