New Release – Fool Me Twice by Daniel Tidwell

New Release – Fool Me Twice by Daniel Tidwell

Daniel Tidwell will release his new track ‘Fool Me Twice’ on October 29th. Here’s what he told us about the upcoming release.

What’s the song about?

“This song is about mustering the resolve necessary to overcome liars and abusers, and eliminating those elements from your life. To a lesser extent, it’s also about knowing who, when, and what to forgive.”

What inspired you to write this song?

“My good friend 3Mind Blight sent me an instrumental he wasn’t going to use, and I really liked it. I meditated on it for about a day and it kept taking me back to my early 20s.”

Is the song autobiographical?

“As such, the song is completely autobiographical in the way that a movie ‘based on a true story’ is anchored to reality on some points of fact, but elaborated in others. Effectively, it’s me talking to my past self, and thinking about how my current state of mind would have saved me a lot of trouble in my youth.”