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New Release – Fly By Instruments by Marveline

todayJune 29, 2021 12

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“I wrote this song exactly a year ago. It was lockdown and it was winter. I was hungover, it was morning and I was a bit agoraphobic, and the title came from a movie I’d just seen – or maybe it was a radio interview? I can’t remember… It occurred to me that it was a good metaphor for some aspects of life. How prepared are we anyway? Then the bit about Jesus wanting me for a sunbeam just popped into my head and in one of those delicious songwriting moments, entire lines just appeared.”

“It’s essentially a quick portrait of my melancholic headspace while briefly stuck by myself in a cold house while the world went to shit.”

“I posted a quick video on Facebook of it – much slower and with less choruses. People seemed to like it. It’s musically very simple, it’s the lyrics I really like. The lyrics obliquely describe my mood at the time very well. “

“This release is different from my previous releases. No electric guitars, a bit folky, no drums except for kick drum. Very low-key.”

“My good friend John E, from my other outfit The Nature Strip, heard the recording and said he wanted to come over and play bass on it. He did a wonderfully playful and melodic take including a solo which gave the track a whole extra dimension. I’ve played it live a few times, and he’s got up and played bass – which means I can sing without any instruments for a song – which is very freeing.”

“All my songs are my children and I love them all, but this one is cute, quiet and a bit sad, but also funny and smart. Not the child who will show-off and do amazing things, but might nail you through the heart with a particular observation.”

“I’m working on a music video. It’s half finished, but it again will be me in my studio using green screen wearing flying goggles.”

About the artwork. “My good friend Stephen McFarlane is a Sydney-based artist and I have this exact giant work of his in my studio. Surfing aliens – what more can you say?!”

Fly By Instruments‘ is already available on Bandcamp, but will be available on Spotify on June 30th.

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