New Release – Finding Home by Bek Jones

New Release – Finding Home by Bek Jones

Northern girl Bek (UK) has been a lover of ‘old school’ music for as long as she can remember. After taking the ‘Corporate route’ for many years, Bek couldn’t escape the fact that music was her passion and decided to show the world her songwriting abilities. Songs influenced by day-to-day life and her own personal experiences including Motherhood and being positive in tough times, you can expect a variety of topics being discussed. Bek aims to showcase many ranges of genres in her songwriting and will hopefully follow on from the iTunes chart success of her first two releases.

Her new release ‘Finding Home’ is out 20th October. A pre-save is available here.

What’s the song about?

“The song ‘Finding Home’ is all about the search to find where you belong in this world either physically or even just mentally. It highlights how it can be a struggle being in certain environments but that you mustn’t give up hope that you can find the place you belong – you can find your home.”

What does this song mean to you?

“This song means a lot to me as I feel like I can relate. For many years I felt unfulfilled and was in places that I didn’t belong. But each year, I pushed myself to do some soul searching and to pursue things that made me happy – and I feel I’ve found music again and it feels like home.”

Is this release different from your previous releases?

“Yes and no. It’s got the electric guitar in it which has been a running theme throughout my last releases. However, this one taps into a few genres and has different themes that I haven’t used before.”

What are you hoping to achieve with this release?

“I’m really hoping I can show another side to my songwriting and I hope I can find new audiences. I’ve always wanted to write songs that are ‘real talk’ so that people can relate. I hope listeners will feel a connection to the song.”

What’s your favourite memory of writing and/or recording?

“To be honest, recording this song has been my favourite so far. My producer and I started with the vocal and a simple riff I had, and we kept adding layers and layers. We just jammed to it and had SO much fun. I really hope the ‘fun-ness’ shines through the track!”


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