New Release – Find Love by Demi Michelle

New Release – Find Love by Demi Michelle

Demi Michelle Schwartz is a pop and country songwriter from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Her new single ‘Find Love’ will be out August 20th.

“Yes, the lyrics of ‘Find Love’ are very special to me. When I start writing a new song, I almost always begin with a lyrical idea. I feel it’s so important to be open and authentic, and for me, lyrics are probably the most important part of all my songs. With ‘Find Love’ specifically, this song is truly all about the lyrics. I went for a more simple melody and production to allow the lyrics to shine. This song captures falling in love in a hopeful way, and I think of this song as the love song for the guy I finally fall in love with in the future. I sometimes find it difficult to stay positive and hopeful, and because of the way the lyrics of ‘Find Love’ just poured out of me one night, they’re a special reminder to me that no matter how lonely I feel at times, there’s still a spark of hope in my heart.”

“I describe ‘Find Love’ as an acoustic-pop song with a country flavor. Over the past year and a half, I’ve truly fallen in love with country music, and that’s definitely finding its way into my own music. I feel this song is a great representation of my upcoming music, following the release of my upcoming pop album, Dear Diary. I will always have pop in me, and country is becoming a huge influence. The way genres are blending these days fascinates me, and I love to bring both pop and country into my writing.”

“‘Find Love’ had such an interesting journey. I still have all my original voice memos while writing the song, so I know some specific days of the process. I started writing it on July 18, 2019. I remember coming home from dinner and feeling so inspired to write the song. I wrote the whole song, except for a bridge, very quickly, and then, I recorded a voice memo so I didn’t forget it. After that night, I kind of forgot about the song. At the time, it was one of those moments where I just really needed to process my emotions. Later that year on December 13, I found the voice memo while scrolling through my phone and decided to finish the song. So, I wrote a bridge. During this time, I’d already started recording my album. I decided I wanted ‘Find Love’ to be on the album, but when February 2020 rolled around, I realized that the song needed a total rewrite. I loved the lyrics, but the melody, chords, key, and overall vibe didn’t feel right to me. Also, this was around the time I started exploring country music more. I rewrote ‘Find Love’ that month but kept the lyrics the same for the most part. The song itself sounds nothing like the original version. I was so happy with the rewrite and booked a session for March, but due to the pandemic, that got canceled. I was finally able to record it on July 26, 2020. ‘Find Love’ truly went through a transformation, and I couldn’t feel more proud of this song. I’m so blessed that I got to bring this song to life with my producer, Bob McCutcheon, and guitarist, Luke Wood.”