New Release – Find a Way by The Cavs

New Release – Find a Way by The Cavs

The Cavs are a five-piece indie/rock band from Manchester (UK), whose sound has started to include subtle influence of synth/electronic aspects. After a year without any new music, The Cavs are ready to take over with their pending EP ‘Music to My Madness’ being released in October. They already released the title track of the EP.

On 30th September their new single ‘Find a Way’ will be out. A pre-save is available.

How would you describe it?

“It’s a bit of a deviation from from classic Cavs – our sound had evolved from before lockdown to just coming out of lockdown and recording the upcoming EP. ‘Find a Way’ was one of the earliest ‘new’ songs in the batch that came after lockdown, so it’s still got those same early Cavs elements of just guitars drums and bass, but it also then builds into a massive ending with strings, piano, layered vocals, all that good stuff. It’s a massive tune with great singalong potential and it always goes down a treat at our gigs. I think we’ve played it at every gig since it was written and people still love it.”

Do you have any favourite memories of writing/recording?

“I don’t actually remember that much about writing the song. I had the lyrics and chords, showed it the boys and then Elliot and Chris tampered with a few words and lines and then it was all done quite quickly. However, I remember the recording of the demo which was when it really started to become the song it is today. Tyler from district records did an amazing job and worked much harder on that tune than we paid him for in the end. He liked it so much he sat and mixed it then added the string/middle section and it just blew our socks off. It’s one of my favourite memories because I think it opened us up to the fact that there are more instruments than guitars, bass and drums, and that the variation we can put into our tunes.”

“A close second is recording the actual strings that are on the track with the guys at the Royal Northern College of Music. They’re just so unbelievably talented and added the epicness (trademarked phrase) that we think makes the tune so special.”

Is there a story behind the single artwork?

“Not that much of a story really, but it was taken in the hills of Blackrod and features my girlfriend and her dog. Though she made it out like she’d taken the picture, in fact it was her sister, so I think there’s a lawsuit pending at some point. It was originally an idea for the actual EP artwork but in the end we realised it’d be much better suited for ‘Find a Way’. Our graphic designer Jamie, who has done pretty much every piece of design for us over the years, once again did a great job in putting it all together to give the amazing cover we’ve got.”