New Release – Fan Girl (EP) by Taylor D

New Release – Fan Girl (EP) by Taylor D

Hailing from Dublin (Ireland) Taylor D is a multi-award-winning singer-songwriter and musician who has been making waves in the global music scene. She was crowned “First Choice Radio UK Artist of the Year” in 2022. Taylor’s music transcends conventional pop boundaries, drawing inspiration from a wide range of influences such as Taylor Swift, Nelly Furtado and The Weeknd.

Her EP ‘Fan Girl’ will be out 8th September. A pre-save link is available here. The EP features a diverse blend of infectious pop anthems and soul-stirring ballads and will leave listeners craving for more.

“Writing just flowed on this EP and I knew exactly what way I wanted each song to sound and for me they all worked out perfectly. I had so much fun recording four of the tracks with Beardfire Studios. We laughed so hard and became the best of friends as a result.”

Four tracks were recorded with Beardfire Studios in Dublin, one with Gavin Doyle and an accoustic bonus track with Mark Cahill.

“The title ‘Fan Girl’ reveals that this EP is a story of a Fan Girl and unreciprocated love is the main feature.”

The EP takes listeners on an enthralling musical journey, offering a glimpse into Taylor’s versatility as an artist. From the flirtatious pop banger ‘Fan Girl’ to the darker and more tense ‘Liar’, Taylor’s ability to connect with her audience on multiple levels shines through in every track.

“The most accessible song on the EP is the title track ‘Fan Girl’ which is also my favourite song on the EP. It was written from inspiration from a Vamps concert here in Dublin. I absolutely over the concert and wrote the lyrics that night.”

Taylor already released three singles from the EP. The title track ‘Fan Girl’ was the first and did extremely well on Irish and UK Radio with over 200K streams on Spotify. ‘Liar’ was the second single and was widely accepted again on Irish Radio. Hot Press Magazine described it as Billy Eilish-esque. ‘Lost’ In was the third single and was her first song to enter the Irish Pop Charts.”

“The song ‘Liar’ was definitely risky for me. I’m known for my flirtatious pop songs so ‘Liar’ was a complete shift in genre heading for a more edgy pop/rock vibe.”

“‘Lost’ and ‘Until the time is right’ are two very special songs to me. Influenced by unreciprocated feelings and hoping that things work out when the time is right.”

“For the video ‘Lost’ I was planning a video on an Irish Beach. Unfortunately Irish weather didn’t cooperative and it rained solidly for the entire month of July. But it could be still in the works.”

“I’m so excited for this release because my first ever headline show is set for the following week, on September 15th and even better still it’s been sold out since the start of July. I never in a million years thought I’d sell out my debut headline gig. I’m hoping that the EP is successful and will get my art recognition everywhere.”


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