New Release – Fall In by Church, Honey

New Release – Fall In by Church, Honey

Church, Honey is a soulful indie project courtesy of singer-songwriter Ben James Miller. Alternating between passionate, sex-fuelled rock songs and acoustic, country-esque ballads – Church, Honey carefully blurs the lines of genre.

The new single ‘Fall In’ is out 6th July. A pre-save is available here. The song was recorded, produced and released DIY by Church, Honey. The single also features Weathership guitarist Snowy on lead guitar.

“The song ‘Fall In’ is a song about cyclical love, it is a story of falling in love and never out. The lyrics speak of a dormant, bubbling passion that leads to furtive trysts and epiphanous kisses. A return to a summer dalliance which is destined to end in the parting of ways.”

“The first half is a shoegaze whisper, full of secrecy and hushed promises – then it explodes into a passionate thunder of ineffable kisses amidst a transient love affair. It’s a short song – it gets in and does what it needs to do and doesn’t overstay its welcome.”

“This song would be perfect for a teen TV drama like Skins or 13 Reasons Why – something edgy and sexy, with big exciting plot points and dramatic scenes.”

“I’ve always considered Church, Honey to be an outlet for my current creativity – if we want to record a folk song, we’ll do that, if we want to do a shoegaze song afterwards? We’ll do that too. I never want to be defined by genre. The past few releases have been more on the country spectrum and I wanted to show that Church, Honey can go big and rock out too. This song gives a bit more flavour of what the live shows are like.”

“The artwork is by a friend of mine Matilda Jackson (@dreamytilart) – I went to an art show that she curated and fell in love with their style. I asked if I could use a piece for the artwork and she kindly supplied me with loads of works and gave me free-reign to crop them. I love being able to work with creatives that I adore so this was a really special addition to the release for me.”


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