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New Release – Fade Away by The Zedds

todayMay 8, 2023 15 2

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The Zedds are guys who like to make music or an electronic noise depending on your point of view. The songs are all about the world in which we live, and things that happen within that world. Their influences include all the great bands of the 60’s and 70’s plus anyone who catches their ear.

Tony: “Basically the ‘band’ has been myself and my friend James with others interacting over the years. I write all the words and music, he plays it better…(laughs) We originally got together around 1997 through a work colleague and started from there. We were doing ok till I got throat cancer in 2001 and that stopped to rocket to success. We kept our friendship throughout the period of my illness, and started playing again a few years later. It was always very difficult to get going as work commitments and family got a bit in the way…”

“I continued to write stuff all the time, some of it was pants but some I thought was quite good. Trouble was that there was always something that got in the way, a last minute cancellation or whatever. We did a gig in December 2019 just before Christmas thinking this was going to be brilliant, but it was the last day of shopping or something, so only friends were there!”

“Anyway, I was never a fan of social media, but I was persuaded to ‘join in’ if only for the music. So I have and here I am now!”

“Our new single ‘Fade Away’ is about mortality, not in a morbid way, just in the fact that from the day we arrive to the day we leave is a mystery. No one knows when it’ll happen. It’s written as if in a dream state. I use fade away instead of saying ‘die’ or ‘death’… it also sounds better lyrically.”

“I wrote this song in 1999 whilst on nightshift at work when I was a fireman. It was originally recorded by a guy partly at a studio and partly at his house. We waited ages for it to be completed and when it was I was sooooo disappointed. He said he recorded it to sound like the 60’s. I thought it sounded like it was recorded in a cellar. It was so dull. It was done as a CD but sat in a cupboard until recently. A friend said I should release the song as it’s brilliant – her words – so I got to work and remastered it the best I could and the result is what you’ll hear soon!”

“The cover is quite self explanatory. It’s monochrome with red writing to give that kind of Vincent Price horror feel, you know, dark but not really scary! Like all the covers I’ve done it by myself, so I can only argue with me if it looks crap… (laughs) I used the graveyard effect for obvious reasons. All previous “fade awayers” you might say!”

“Although not truly autobiographical, I suppose it is. Like I explained I had throat cancer a couple of years after writing it so I did often wonder ‘would I fade away?’”

‘Fade Away’ is out 12th May. A pre-save is available.

Written by: leancool20

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