New Release – Exosphere (EP) by Lucas Gil

New Release – Exosphere (EP) by Lucas Gil

Brighton (UK) based musician, producer, song writer, radio producer and host.
My love for music goes beyond my memory, I have always treated music as a necessary background to life. Just like in the movies. This allowed me to expand my love over multiple genres and kinds of music. They say, you can’t say you love all of music. But I really think I do.
Love for electronica, this has always been on the back of my mind. I have recorded, produced and released my first album ‘Not Yet’ in 2018, followed by numerous singles and a second album called ‘Rainland’. I was lucky enough to see the rewards of my hard work in the way of recognition from BBC Introducing and numerous radio stations and magazines.
Working as a producer and a host of a Supernova radio show meant that I was able to give electronic independent artists a platform to present their ‘bedroom masterpieces’. A dream job.
After reaching over 300k streams over numerous streaming services and more than a few sales, I have decided to step down from making music and concentrate on different ventures.

How would you describe the album?

“Exosphere – the outermost layer of our atmosphere. After that, there is nothing but a void.”

“I treated this EP as it was my last one, as if I would never do music again. I wanted it to be my legacy, my best work, something that I would be happy to listen to myself in years to come. I wanted this album to be something more than just music. I wanted it to be something deeper, with a meaning.
Using different styles, but staying close to electronica and mixing live recordings with synths, recorded noises, loops and spoken words of wisdom from Alan Watts brought this piece of art together. Art, yes. This is more than just music.”

“Exosphere is a journey. Leave it all behind. Just forget the world for 20 minutes.”

Is there a consistent lyrical style throughout the album ? Is it a concept album? What’s it about?

“Yes. I have decided to use old recordings of the wisdom words of Alan Watts for this album. I think music was made around the lyrics and vice versa, these 6 tracks constantly evolved throughout the process. The concept of the album is a journey, through time and space and within ourselves.”

What’s the most accessible song on the album?

“I think the promoting track ‘Energy’ is the most accessible, although the whole album is a journey itself, and it was made to be listened to as a whole. ‘Energy’ is an upbeat track that sets the mood for ‘Exosphere’.”

Exosphere’ will be out August 14th.