New Release – Everygirl by ALTERED BY MOM

New Release – Everygirl by ALTERED BY MOM

ALTERED BY MOM combines a knack for infectious melodies and classic songwriting with a sense of humour and a live show that is as fun as eating a whole party sub by yourself. On the heels of their latest release ‘Dive In’, Canada’s best-known musical power duo Gina Kennedy and Devon Lougheed are releasing their second single of 2023, ‘Everygirl’ on 31st March. ‘Everygirl’ is an alternative pop gem that celebrates inclusive love, lust, and the kaleidoscope of reasons someone might catch your eye.

“We will be releasing a lyric music video to go along with this release that is a glittery feast for the eyes and mouth. We tried to reflect the fun and spunky nature of the tune by bedazzling our lips and eyes. ‘Everygirl’ is about catching someone’s eye and what’s more catchy than glitter and jewels! This one was very DIY, we set up shop in our kitchen in front of a white wall, filmed it with an iPhone, and used a ring light, paired with my wild imagination and Devo’s patience while I bejewelled our lips.”

“The song is celebrating all the little super loveable bits that might attract you to someone for love or lust. The cover art reflects this in its collage of some especially good bits of Gina, including her hand writing.”

Ahead of the new EP ‘Cool T-Shirt’, ‘Everygirl’ is a guitar-driven female-fronted anthem for the lovesick and the love-interested.

Pre-save ‘Everygirl’ here.


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