New Release – Emotional by Lucy Dreams

New Release – Emotional by Lucy Dreams

Lucy Dreams is a dreampop trio hailing from the cultural metropolis Vienna (Austria) and consists of David Reiterer and Philipp Prueckl. Wait, trio? That is correct, because the essence of this band arises from a crystal ball that is seemingly enthroned above all their output. Lucy is an independent system of digital and analogue effects, which was developed by David and Philipp specifically for music production. Lucy can be understood as an A.I. – however, the connection between her and the two musicians of human lineage is a far more intimate one, as Lucy is deeply involved in the songwriting process.

Lucy Dream’s new single ‘Emotional’ will be out April 7th. A pre-save is available here.

Unequivocally and straightforward, ‘Emotional’ is a call to return to analog and real feelings, renouncing the fugacious and fake happiness of digital reality. Written in collaboration with their artificial band member Lucy, who has provided the lead melody and parts of the percussion elements for it, ‘Emotional’ comes with a charming music video that pays tribute to an iconic item: a tape cassette, here acting as the symbol that represents the real feelings called for in the song.

“When I was a kid, I would listen to the Hitparade on the radio and record songs like ‘Enjoy The Silence’ and ‘Love Is All Around’ on tape. Those were real feelings back then, true happiness!”, David, singer of the band, recalls.

“Now, 30 years later, technology provides us with new and indeed fascinating possibilities to present, or rather showcase ourselves in the virtual world. Now we’re sitting on the edge of our powers, the lyrics of ‘Emotional’ set the tone. We create a digital copy of ourselves online and let our happiness depend on the popularity of it. Feelings that are often just a wishful construct in the mind of the would-be hero.”

“There was this one moment where we wanted to add some Lucy-feeling to the song in order to have her digital contributions also represented in soundscape. We decided to add a vocoder-track to the interlude and while recording I heard my own voice through the vocoder. What I heard when my voice was processed digitally left me in awe. I asked everybody in the room to be quiet for a moment because I felt a deep and intense connection to the digital system that is our artificial band member. We then decided together to dedicate this line to the existence of Lucy and give this part a prominent spot in the track.”

“As a singer and musician, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of releasing a new song to the world. It’s a mixture of excitement, anticipation, and anxiety that leaves us feeling vulnerable yet exhilarated all at once. We pour heart and soul into every lyric and melody, hoping that it will resonate with others just as deeply as it does with us. But there’s always that nagging sense of doubt, the fear that maybe this time, it won’t connect with anyone. That maybe we’ve poured our heart out for nothing. But then, the release comes, and the feedback and appreciation starts to come in. And suddenly, all the anxiety and worry melts away, replaced by the pure joy of knowing that our music has touched someone’s heart.It’s that fulfilling experience that makes it all worth it. The connection with our listeners, the raw emotions shared through music, and the knowledge that our music has made a difference in someone’s life. Releasing a new song may be nerve-wracking, but the payoff is always worth it in the end.”


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