New Release – Elemental (album) by Rī Wolf

New Release – Elemental (album) by Rī Wolf

After spending the last 14 years as a collegiate track and field coach in Texas and almost 9 years away from music, Rī Wolf (USA) is bursting back into the music scene with a Grass Roots Americana sound reminiscent of a West Texas Troubadour making his way back home.

Rī’s debut radio single ‘Hurricane’ launched in February 2022 and will be one of a new 14 song album titled ‘Elemental’ set for release 27th May. A pre-save is available.

‘Hurricane’ with Carmen Bruno, who fronts the emerging Americana band Trailerhawk, is one of many collaborations on Rī Wolf’s upcoming album, including three songs with famed blues guitarist Justin Johnson as well as three songs including fiddle player Kyleen King (Brandi Carlile). The album also features a previously released collaboration with up and coming singer-songwriter Sophie Dorsten with ‘Desert Marigold’.

“All of the singles I’ve released prior to this have really been a lead into making this album. Since I took time off of music and am really just getting back into it within the last couple years, it has taken me some time to really find a sound that feels like “home”. Falling somewhere between Americana, Outlaw Country and Blues, I would say that this record has captured that sound and who I am as an artist.”

“The name of the album ‘Elemental’ came about because there is the underlying theme throughout the album about both the basic and simple things that we need in our life as well as this metaphor for how our natural surroundings mold us and make us who we are. I’m a big outdoors person who stays active and being out in nature is something that fills my soul and that is a theme you can find throughout the album.”

“It isn’t necessarily a concept album, but it definitely has a theme to it. I wanted to capture the essence of living in West Texas as well as my background growing up in the Oklahoma/Texas region. I can say that this project is one of the truest pieces of work I’ve ever put together, when it comes to my beliefs and background.”

‘Elemental’ track listing:

1. Two Wild Horses

2. Queen of Canadian County

3. Hurricane feat. Carmen Bruno

4. Blood Red River feat. Justin Johnson

5. Annabelle

6. Another Weary Soul feat. Justin Johnson 7. Until The Stars Are Gone

8. Long Black Train feat. Justin Johnson

9. Beautiful Thing

10. Hallelu

11. Hard Times Are Comin’

12. Desert Marigold feat. Sophie Dorsten 

13. Two Wild Horses (Acoustic)

14. Moving Mountains