New Release – Droperidol by Marie Eidolon

New Release – Droperidol by Marie Eidolon

Marie Eidolon is an independent music duo based in Sydney (Australia).

“We make dark pop music influenced by alternative pop, industrial rock, electro pop and other contemporary pop. Our favourite artists include Alice Glass, Kanga, Nine Inch Nails, Zheani, Hannah Diamond, Jazmin Bean, Suffer Ring, SNVFF and 8485.”

“‘Droperidol’ is a heavy and dark electro pop track about a psychotic patient, seen through the eyes of hospital staff who have overdosed her with droperidol.”

“A few years ago, Marie was in the midst of a psychosis and was taken into hospital. While there, some nurses and doctors administered a maximum dose of droperidol, an antipsychotic drug typically reserved for aggressive patients. Marie is a reasonably petite woman. Once drugged, Marie was locked in room alone where she undressed and lay on the ground unable to move, begging for water and having difficulty breathing. She eventually experienced an unwanted ‘ego death’.”

“The song is written from the point of view of the nurses observing Marie during this incident, some of whom later spoke to Pete about an internal complaint made by hospital staff.”

“This track is a lot more purely electronic than our past singles, and is our first track without any guitar. Pete comes from a background in metal music and this track was a learning experience in terms of creating some heavy, intricate bass synthesisers.”

“The cover art of this track has gone through two iterations: Marie created a full colour artwork with copic markers, inks and prismacolor pencils. We loved it, but the bright illustration didn’t match the very dark aesthetic of the song. Pete used that original illustration as the basis for the photoshop design which became the final cover artwork.”

“We would love for this song to feature in Arcane. That show manages to give the public such an empathetic, vivid and immersive depiction of what it’s like to be clinically paranoid and experience delusions and hallucinations. Alex Seaver did such a great job with Arcane’s soundtrack. We’d like to think that ‘Droperidol’ would fit in, both thematically and sonically.”

‘Droperidol’ will be out 3rd March. A pre-save is available.


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