New Release – Dreamland (EP) by Elephant and Stars

New Release – Dreamland (EP) by Elephant and Stars

Elephants and Stars is a Canadian Indie Rock band with members from Toronto and Hamilton. Their upcoming EP ‘Dreamland’is definitely tougher, louder, faster and has a darker underbelly lyrically leaning a little more heavily on their rock influences than their first EP ‘Recovery’. The new EP ‘Dreamland‘ will be released on April 16th.

“While it is definitely not a concept record, there are a few recurring themes on the record weaving through all of the songs. Isolation, conflict both internal and external and escapism. While it doesn’t tell a chronological story, all of the protagonists are dealing with difficult situations or toxic relationships and are looking for ways out. Those ways out can be substance abuse, ending relationships or even killing yourself.  In a way this record could be the unmade soundtrack to the Twilight Zone episode Five Characters in Search of an Exit, especially as there were originally only 5 songs on the EP.”

“The record was produced by Ian Blurton, who is someone I’ve wanted to work with for years and years. I remember the first day of pre-production walking in the room and there he was sitting there. It was almost surreal after all that time. The entire pre-production process was really fun. I had asked a few people who had worked with him what to expect and they were 100 percent right. He came with a ton of ideas and we were just trying anything and everything.  The best part is that he really understood what we were trying to do and really helped get us there. Not every producer takes that approach.”

“We are putting together a video for every song on the EP. We have already shot a bunch of the footage and are in the process of starting to cut them all together. The first one for the single ‘Ceasefire‘ is already up on YouTube. We’re not in that one, but I think we will show up in the rest in some form or another.”