New Release – Dreamer / Loser (EP) by Robi Mitch

New Release –  Dreamer / Loser (EP) by Robi Mitch

Robi Mitch grew up in Bristol (UK), but spent formative years working as a session guitarist in Taiwan. He currently lives in Penryn, Cornwall (UK). Robi draws on 70s psychedelia and 90s mixtapes for influence, inhabiting a dreamy-yet-groovy space somewhere on the indie rock spectrum. His new EP ‘Dreamer / Loser’ is out July 1st on Colorama Records.

What does the EP’s title “Dreamer / Loser” reveal?

“Lots of my songs have a forward slash (/) in the name, because they are about balancing things. To be a dreamer is also to be a loser, because you will always have unfulfilled dreams that you can’t quite reach. But on the other hand, to accept that you’re a loser is to allow yourself to be a dreamer, to reach for things that are unattainable and to be satisfied that you might never get there. ‘Dreamer / Loser’ is a way of introducing myself to a wider audience, saying this is how I see myself, and inviting you to join if you fit into one or both of those categories.”

Is there a song on the EP you’re nervous about releasing out to the world?

“The song ‘Rocket Ship’ is another song about opposites. It’s one of the more personal songs I’ve written. Normally I hide my feelings behind humour or quirkiness, but ‘Rocket Ship’ is fairly straight up. It’s a song about being confused and disorientated, losing perspective and wondering if your best years are behind you. Which is a vulnerable thing to admit to as a musician, ‘cos everyone seems to think that music is a young person’s game.”

Does the whole EP fit into a particular musical genre, or does it borrow from multiple forms?

“I’m always inspired by a wide range of music, but I love the sounds of 70s psych – the muffled drums, colourful reverbs and cosmic synths. We used a lot of vintage synths and casio keyboards in the studio which give everything a retro flavour, but we mixed the songs in a fairly modern style with punchy, dry drums and a solid low end. These days I describe my music as ‘laid back indie rock’, but if you listen long enough, it’s not always so laid back as you think.”

(artwork by Francis Beaumier)