New Release: Dream Producer by Eenian Dreams

New Release: Dream Producer by Eenian Dreams

Eenian Dreams is a new indie project making dreamy electronic music. It was founded in 2021 by the two members Pauliina (vocals) and T. C. Newman (synths and producing). Both live in a small countryside town in South-Western Finland and had known each other for years before their musical paths crossed by a lucky chance.

The project’s music is free from any specific genre. That makes Eenian Dreams’ approach interesting, both for the listeners and the artists themselves. It follows the very idea of Eenia, a fictitious dreamy reality where your spirit can wander freely exploring new landscapes and emotions.

Instead of individual bands which have influenced the music of Eenian Dreams, the project draws widely from the worlds of electronic music, indie, synthpop, darkwave and cinematic music.

Eenian Dreams has released three singles: ‘Summerland’, ‘I Dreamed Of You’ and ‘Someone Like You’. In addition, they’ve recorded a version of traditional Ukrainian song ‘Krinitsa’ as Finnish translation ‘Hiljainen tienoo’ to support the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

The new single is called ‘Dream Producer’ and it will be out May 1st.

“The very first idea of the lyrics came from Pauliina’s daughter, who was wondering about the source of her unusual dreams and came up with the concept of a dream producing company. Pauliina wrote it down, and with time the idea started living its own life. The final lyrics describe real dreams combined with the original idea of a dream producer. You can very well say that the song is autobiographical.”

“The biggest inspiration for writing the song came from Pauliina’s exceptional lyrics. T. C. wanted to combine different moods in the song, reflecting just how contrasting even the same dream can be. The song thus flows between light ethereal scenery and more intense pop-rockish sound. For T. C., imaginary pictures are often the thing that sets creative process into motion. They played a part in this case, too. The dreamy parts of the song were written as if the score for a scene in a fictitious movie, after visions of people parting against the light of a sunset.”

“The vocals were recorded in Pauliina’s home studio. Everything else on the track are virtual instruments that were mixed with the vocals using a laptop computer. Mastering was done also with the same laptop, so the song was written, recorded, and produced throughout in a home studio.”