New Release – Dopamine Dreams by The Frontier

New Release – Dopamine Dreams by The Frontier

The Frontier is a personal journey in the form of indie/rock, pop, and folk music. The Frontier was formed in 2015 by singer/songwriter Jake Mimikos. The band members have varied over the years. His songs have featured on NPR, Netflix, The CW, and MTV.

The name of his new release is ‘Dopamine Dreams’ and the release date is 17th June.

“There is no presave link, but you can follow my Spotify page here!”

“ I really wanted to write up a hopeful and upbeat song. I’ve been in that mode lately. Something that people can dance to.”

“The synth part over the chorus is my favorite part. I love the melody. My producer and I both were so proud when we came up with it.”

“The song is really open to interpretation, but I can tell you it’s loosely based off of a short relationship I had. I was very hopeful about it at the time.”

“ I recorded it with Austin Bello of Forever the Sickest Kids (Fearless Records). I feel like this song is perfect for anyone who needs some good upbeat dance vibes.”