New Release – Doomsday by the Trusted

New Release – Doomsday by the Trusted

Possessing an irresistible charm, an undeniable wit, and an infectious personality shining through their adventurous brand of youthful punked-up indie rock The Trusted (UK) are both a refreshing tonic, and a barrage of fireworks rolled into one. Seamlessly switching from mellow, artfully constructed melodic thoughtfulness into wild, explosive moments of raucous brilliance, there’s a surprise around every corner within The Trusted’s music and songwriting, all executed with an undeniable measure of passion and grit.

‘Doomsday’ is the latest stadium-sized track from The Trusted. It’s out 16th June. ‘Doomsday’ is a song about a more personal Armageddon.

“We all have our own, in-built doomsday clocks and sometimes, our minds can reach a breaking point. This song is one that hits close to home for all of us. It’s a powerful reminder of the chaotic world we live in and the toll it can take on our mental health.”

‘Doomsday’ is lyrically the most serious and introspective of the band’s current crop of releases whilst still demonstrating their inherent ability to deliver commercially accessible material and yet retain their indie roots, whilst continuing their quest for pursuing guitar oriented rock songs that really speak to an audience in the same vein as established artists such as Elvis Costello and Springsteen, but with the musical sensibilities of more contemporary names as The 1975 and The Killers.

“It was recorded, produced and mixed by Rees Broomfield of SS2 Studios. (Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly, Asylums, Kate Nash) We poured our hearts and souls into the recording process, alongside Rees to make sure that every note was just right.”

“We’re excited to share our story and connect with listeners on a personal level. We know that the world can be a scary place, but we hope that ‘Doomsday’ gives people a sense of community and comfort in knowing that they’re not alone.”

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