New Release – Don’t Tell Me by Brian Lambert

New Release – Don’t Tell Me by Brian Lambert

Brian Lambert has reinvented himself more times than he can count, but his current indie-rock sound has been heavily influenced by a constantly evolving and rotating list of artists including Gang of Youths, the Replacements, and Spoon. He even attempted to reinvent himself as a country dude for a period of time, but in the end it wasn’t him.

“My musical taste is an ever-evolving love affair and adventure. I love discovering new artists and sharing my love of music with friends.”

Brian Lambert is currently releasing a song every week on Thursdays for an entire year with album collections coming out periodically. ‘Don’t Tell Me’ is song number 45 in Brian Lambert’s 52 week Music Production Challenge.

“I have produced, performed, mixed mastered all the songs and written all but four covers with one more cover planned in the works. It was intended to showcase my strengths as a songwriter while improving all the other aspects of the music production process on the way.”

“Recently I’ve been leaning more into my love of 80’s and 90’s rock and it is evidenced in my upcoming single due for release on 3rd March, ‘Don’t Tell Me’.

What’s the song about?

“The song is about people telling me or anyone else how they are supposed to be living their lives. I’m all for agreed upon norms and doing what is in the public’s best interest but I see a lot of people telling people how they “should ” live their lives morally and such. I’m more of a do what you will, so long as it harms none and I’m not better than you, you’re not better than me kind of person. This song is basically an anthem telling those who would tell me or others what to do to step off.”

How would you describe it?

“This song is a retro rock tune in the vein of 80’s and 90’s rock like Social Distortion, garage punk with a nod towards modern artists like Gang of Youths. It’s definitely and in your face rocker that goes full speed ahead the entire time with a strong lyric message of living your own life in your own way.”

When releasing a new single is there a sense of excitement or panic?

“You’d think that after releasing 44 singles in a year I’d not be nervous or excited, but I am. Every single week I get excited and a little bit nervous hoping that the song connects with people. It’s really great to have something to look forward to every week.”