New Release – Don’t Say It’s Over by Postindustrial Poets

New Release – Don’t Say It’s Over by Postindustrial Poets

Postindustrial Poets were founded by Pete Poet – a Brit who was then living in Luxembourg. The band started recording in 2019 and released their first track in 2020, which did well in our Cool Top 20. The band didn’t get on stage until 2021 when COVID relaxed its grip. They have steadily grown their support since then.

Pete: “I wanted to combine some of the roots music I have been playing for a long while with elements of British Indie, and to combine that with the storytelling approach I liked in Dylan, Waits and Jacques Brel. I’m still trying!”

Their new single ‘Don’t Say It’s Over’ is out 1st September. There is a pre-save link.

What’s the song about?

“On this one, maybe the title gives it away! It is about not giving up on a relationship – and more broadly, about not giving up.”

When was it written?

“Pete wrote a first version in Paris a couple of months ago, strumming on an acoustic guitar. He wanted to get a romance-in-a-big-city feel to the song (that’s Paris, isn’t it?). We think we got that…”

“The final version is all about electric guitar and bass and percussion though – and Pete rewrote the original lyrics because he felt they were too gloomy for the tune. So there is more hope in the final version – and that is reflected in the overall beat and vibe.”

Postindustrial Poets have released a few EPs over the last year. Over the next six months they have a series of singles recorded already and in the release queue. After the big city romance of ‘Don’t Say It’s Over’ the next release will be a Halloween single in October, then a chilled winter release in November. And to begin 2024, they will release a contemporary blues.

Pete: “All the new music has an electric sound. We have had some fun releasing two acoustic EPs over the last year, but the focus for the year to come is on an electric guitars – even on the chilled winter single. The idea is that we are going to move up a notch with these releases.”

Will you release more music videos?

“There will – as always – be a video for each single on the YouTube channel.”

Fear or excitement?

“Things have gone pretty well for us over the last year. We have got used to the idea that every month we have more listeners and more streams. We are trying to build on that and we think we have the right songs to do it. So there is a lot of excitement – but always that element of fear creeps in as you get closer to release day.”


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