New Release – Don’t Make Me Wait by Angelica Mode

New Release – Don’t Make Me Wait by Angelica Mode

Angelica Mode is the project of songwriter Brian Hughes, formed in early 2020. Brian has spent the 7 years since honing his craft both in the studio and live, including opening for The Amazons along the way. He releases his new single, ‘Don’t Make Me Wait‘ on 30th April. He has an EP planned later this year.

Brian has already found support from Amazing Radio’s Jim Gellatly for Angelica Mode and has been featured on BBC Radio Scotland for his song writing. Since releasing debut single ‘Your Love Is All The Rage‘ and receiving a place on the inaugural Ivor Novello Academy Mentorship this year. He has received national press coverage, with the Scottish Sun offering valuable support in their New Music column with a half page write up and the Scotsman “Under The Radar” column noting, “It (Your Love Is All The Rage), establishes Angelica Mode as an act to watch in 2021”.

“This song is actually quite different from things I’ve done before, as I started Angelica Mode at the beginning of the Covid pandemic. Previously, I had been in a band, but that came to an end just as we went into lockdown, and not wanting to become stagnant until I could play shows again, I started this as a solo project. This is a bit different, because it has a lot more synthesized parts, which is something that I’d wanted to explore for a while, but never found the chance while in a band. It’s quite exciting, as not having gigged this music properly yet, I have really explored the recording and production side of my music, which I think is highlighted in this song.”

“I really just want people to like it, and hopefully attract people to shows later in the year. I suppose that I’d like more streams than the last song, and maybe continue the good run of opportunities and support I’ve seen so far as Angelica Mode. I think that this song has already achieved a bit for me, having made it to the Semi Final of the International Songwriting Competition, which is why it’s getting a release on the back of that.”

“There’s definitely a sense of panic, I think there’s always a fear that nobody will listen, or care at all. But obviously, if I was going to let that panic get the best of me I wouldn’t be doing this at all! I do get a lot more excited than panicked, and it definitely helps when you can see Pre-Saves and little bits of press coming in about it before it comes out. Honestly, I’m really just so excited to have a few new songs to shows for my time in lockdown, and I’m excited to get it off the ground at shows.”