New Release – Don’t Look To Me by Dany Horovitz

New Release – Don’t Look To Me by Dany Horovitz

Dany Horovitz is a Canadian singer-songwriter, known for delighting audiences with his memorable melodies and beautiful storytelling through vivid lyrics. Each of the singles off of Dany’s debut album ‘Free Times’ received radio play across Canada, the United States, Europe, and Australia. Dany’s music is infused with modern takes on familiar sounds: melodic guitar and piano chords, popping bass licks, and toe-tapping percussion. His lyrics are stories of love, loss, and life, drawing inspiration from ancient poets, modern philosophers, and personal experiences.

His new release ‘Don’t Look To Me’ is out 10th March. A pre-save is available here. This is the first single off his upcoming album ‘Phanerorhyme’.

Is this song autobiographical?

“This song is not exactly autobiographical. I do not write true confessional or autobiographical songs. In this case I broke up with someone once who was really intense to date. She was no fun to be around at all, but I was younger and spent a lot more time building up the courage to break up with her than I should have. When I did finally end things, it felt good and I felt inspired to write a feel-good breakup song, which is a silly idea but hey there’s a place for all kinds of songs in our hearts. Plus, breaking up with someone who sucks is a pretty relatable experience. Anyway, bottom line is the song is not directly about that relationship, but it’s not not about it either, at least emotionally.”

How is this release different from your previous releases?

“My earlier releases had a strong folk vibe, but with this song I have moved a bit more into the world of rock for sure. Right from the top of the song, the electric guitar drives the song forward, with high energy through and through. In the studio, we thought about the specific kind of energy that we wanted to have and what felt right was a 90’s-esque pop rock sound. So, if you enjoy the high-energy songs from Barenaked Ladies – my favourite Canadian band, mind you – I think you are going to really like this song.”

Why did you choose this one as the first single of your upcoming album?

“In constructing the album’s order, I wanted to front-load the higher energy songs. It is a short album, only seven songs so I need to grab the listener right away and keep them until the end. So the first three songs especially have a lot of drive. Of those three songs, I think that ‘Don’t Look To Me’ is catchiest because of it’s ear-worm of a chorus. It also has my trademark “sweet-melody-paried-with-dark-lyrics” thing. The short answer is both, people who know me are going to like it a lot and hear something new and interesting, and it’s a great entry point for anyone who has never heard my music before too.”


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