New Release – Devices (album) by Sean Waterman

New Release – Devices (album) by Sean Waterman

A new niche in the music world is being carved out by the soulful sound of roots-rock artist Sean Waterman.

Sean first became interested in playing music during the 4th grade when a music lesson flyer found its way home in his book bag. With his mother’s encouragement, he decided to strap on the guitar. After only a few months there was no looking back – guitar playing had become a passion.

At 14 years old he took up the pen and began composing songs of his own – giving credit to musical influences such as Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Michael Jackson, and Bob Marley. In the time since, he has written many songs. He even wrote and composed songs for Southern jazz legend Ann Caldwell.

On June 18th he will be releasing a new full length album, ‘Devices‘.

“My previous releases were mainly acoustic guitar with very limited instrumentation. This release has a full range of instruments and musicians. This release was also professionally produced whereas I produced my previous releases myself.”

The title track of the album ‘Devices’, is accompanied with a music video, which premiered 2 June.

“With this video I just wanted to do something different and was really excited about the idea of doing an anime music video. I reached out to a group of editors called Team Ayakashiand they have some great ideas and I’m just really happy the way it turned out.”

Is there a sense of excitement or panic for the release of the album?

“I would say it’s more relief than anything. It’s so hard to put out music as an independent artist. It’s easier now than its ever been but still a difficult thing to achieve, so I’m just happy to be able to share my art.”