New Release – Desert Marigold by Rī Wolf and Sophie Dorsten

New Release – Desert Marigold by Rī Wolf and Sophie Dorsten

‘Desert Marigold’ is an americana/alt-country/folk song about the fragility of life and appreciating your loved ones while you have them. It will be released December 17th. A pre-save is available.

“I’ve teamed up with up-and-coming Arizona singer/songwriter Sophie Dorsten to bring this song together.”

“This was a really fun collaboration project. I asked Sophie if she’d be interested in doing a collab and that I had a song I was writing that I thought she would be perfect for. She agreed, but at the time I didn’t even have the song finished. Within a week I got it done and sent her the demo. She loved the song so we decided to move forward with the project.”

“It was a lot of fun working together and I think our styles really blend very well on this song. We worked all the different parts out over a couple months period, even doing some live video sessions and finally got a final mix/master that we were both happy with.”

“I’m extremely proud of the song and so honored to work with someone as talented as Sophie.”

“‘Desert Marigold’ is really about cherishing the fleeting moments that we have with our loved ones. This life comes and goes so fast, so it’s important to find the value in the time we have with each other. I illustrate this point by describing the life of 2 desert marigolds that grow right next to each other throughout extreme weather changes of Arizona. I feel it illustrates the delicate nature of life.”

“I think this is a song that a lot of folks can relate to and I hope it can inspire people and bring folks some guidance and comfort when it comes to relationships with loved ones.”

About Rī Wolf:

After an almost 8 year hiatus from music, Rī returned to music in 2020 with what some call a “genre agnostic” sound that’s rooted in great songwriting, unforgettable melodies and rugged authenticity. With a mix of soul, blues, country and pop, Rī brings these elements together for a unique, but familiar sound laced with intriguing, heartfelt lyrical content.