New Release: You Get What You Give by Demi Michelle pt 2

New Release: You Get What You Give by Demi Michelle pt 2

Demi Michelle pieced together her songwriting passion over the years. Her musicianship shines through, being a classically-trained pianist and knowledgeable about music theory. Also being a creative writer and in graduate school for her MFA in Writing Popular Fiction, Demi is always finding ways to blend her musical talent and storytelling in powerful ways.

“‘You Get What You Give’ is the first single off of my upcoming EP ‘It Is What It Is’. The EP will have five songs, and it’s very different from my debut album ‘Dear Diary’, that I released last year. While ‘Dear Diary’ focuses on thoughts, feelings, and insecurities and captures a journey of self-discovery, ‘It Is What It Is’ sparkles with self-empowerment, growth, and strength.”

“I’ve become a stronger person since my debut chapter, and I chose ‘You Get What You Give’ as the first single because it truly shows a new side of me. This song sets the stage for the fresh messages and perspectives I share on the EP. Some of the songs are sassy, and others are more heartfelt. Still, as a whole, the EP captures my journey of self-love, knowing what I deserve, and accepting things for what they are. ‘You Get What You Give’ makes this clear, and I’m so glad it’s the lead single.”

“I’m also shooting a music video for this song that will drop around the EP launch, which I’m very excited for because this will be my first music video. I can’t wait to kick off my second chapter with ‘You Get What You Give’.”

“I love the cover artwork for the single so much. All of my artworks tell a story and have symbolism and meaning. I have an incredible graphic designer, my special and talented friend, Eddie Davis, and he did an outstanding job with the ‘You Get What You Give’ artwork.”

“In the artwork, I’m standing in a burning forest. The forest is interesting because in the artwork of my single, ‘Four Leaf Clover’, which was the closing entry of Dear Diary, I’m also in a forest. That forest is a magical one, and this one is much different. I think having contrasting approaches to a forest scene in the last single of my debut chapter and the first single of my new chapter connects them in a unique way.”

“Also, I’m surrounded by smoke and flames, and I’m holding a fireball. The song is very bold and fiery, so I wanted to give that a literal meaning in the artwork. One of the lyrics in the song is, “I know the truth can burn, but you lit the match so the blame is yours,” so fire is referenced in the lyrics as well.”

“The tone and atmosphere of this artwork is completely different from any of my others, and that makes it clear that this is a new chapter. It also holds some mystery with the fireball. Wonder where I’ll throw it. 😉 haha!”

Demi’s new song ‘You Get What You Give’ will be out May 20th. Whoever pre-saves gets to watch the studio vlog before release day.