New Release – Dear Diary (album) by Demi Michelle album

New Release – Dear Diary (album) by Demi Michelle album

Heartfelt, charismatic and unique are three words used by reviewers to describe Demi Michelle’s music. She turns her life experiences into songs that touch the hearts of her listeners through captivating storytelling in her lyrics. Her creativity and love for both pop and country music drive her passion for writing meaningful songs with melodies that wrap each song’s message in the warmest hug.

On May 21st Demi released the lead single ‘Will I Ever’ off her debut album ‘Dear Diary’. Demi thinks of the song as entry one from the musical pages of ‘Dear Diary’. In ‘Will I Ever’ Demi shows that she’s not afraid to be vulnerable in her music.

Demi released another entry from her musical diary on August 20th called ‘Find Love’. This second single off the album is an acoustic-pop song with a country flavor. Demi is looking forward to sharing the rest of the story when her album ‘Dear Diary’ releases on October 15th.

“I truly think of this album as a musical diary. All of the songs are very personal and straight from my heart. People keep diaries to write down their experiences, thoughts, and feelings in a vulnerable way. Diary entries are meant to be secret, and writing brings a sense of relief once everything is out and onto the page. I couldn’t describe my album in a more perfect way. Writing ‘Dear Diary’ was something I had to do for myself to help me process many different thoughts and emotions. Songwriting is my way of processing things that I experience, and I’ve gone on a journey of self-discovery and healing through writing this album. The only difference between the album and an actual diary is that I decided not to keep my entries secret. I made the choice to bring my story to life and share it with the world.”

Did you have to overcome any difficulties with the writing or recording the album?

“Yes, definitely. The whole process was such a journey. The biggest challenge was the emotional roller coaster. It took a lot of strength to write a handful of the songs on the album, but it took even more strength to record them. Writing a vulnerable song is one thing. Actually finding the courage to take it to the studio with a full intention to release it is something else entirely. Many of the songs were such a blast to record, but a few of the songs were extremely difficult emotionally, like ‘Will I Ever’, ‘Find Love’ and ‘I Don’t Know Why’. I truly love what I do and believe authenticity is extremely important, so I kept pushing through the rough moments. I’ve become a stronger person through writing and recording ‘Dear Diary’ and I’m so grateful for that.”

“Also, the pandemic definitely was an obstacle. I was almost finished recording the album when my studio closed in March of 2020. Naturally, the project got put on hold. While I was at home during the first lockdown, I had a lot of time to explore songwriting and continue writing new songs. When my studio opened back up in July, I realized that I wanted to include some of the new songs on the album. So, in a way, the pandemic gave me the chance to really explore my craft, but my album release got pushed back quite a bit. Also, as I was working on material for my next project, I wrote ‘Will I Ever’ and ‘Perfectly Imperfect’, which I decided to add to the album.”

“There will always be challenges to overcome in the music industry, and I’ve learned that it’s important to be flexible. Even though I started recording ‘Dear Diary’ in October of 2019, I’m so beyond happy I’m finally releasing this project.”

What are your favourite memories of writing and/or recording?

“My favourite memories are definitely from the studio. My producer, Bob McCutcheon, and I had so much fun working on this project. Also, I have so many memories with my guitarist, Luke Wood, while we were recording ‘Find Love’ and ‘Will I Ever (Acoustic)’ that I will never forget. My favourite thing about recording is how collaborative the process is. Having a producer and guitarist who are as excited about my music as I am is such a blessing. I couldn’t have created this album without them, so my favourite memories come from my many studio sessions. We always have a ton of fun, we’re always laughing, but still, we get so much work done. I wouldn’t trade these memories for anything.”

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