New Release – Cursed by The Bedlam Furnaces

New Release – Cursed by The Bedlam Furnaces

The Bedlam Furnaces is a London-based project led by guitarist and multi-instrumentalist/composer Ian Allison, working with regular collaborators, The project has recently made waves in the indie scene following the release of 2021 album ‘Fever Dream’. It has picked up great reviews and comparisons to bands such as Low, Muse, Arcade Fire, Floyd and ELO, whilst having a sound of its own. Refusing to be pinned down, they’re proudly genre-Magpies. Symphonic rock embracing metal, electronica, folk, classical and psychedelia. The Bedlam Furnaces has been described as epic, ferocious, melodic, dreamlike and dark.

The new single ‘Cursed’ will be released 7th October on Bandcamp, Spotify and all major streaming platforms including Apple and Amazon.

“This song is a warning about people sleepwalking into fascism. The lyrics were inspired by the three successive most recent UK Prime ministers, but is also a wider meditation on society’s enablement and empowerment of narcissists and sociopaths – and overwhelmed apathy towards their machinations.”

“There are two distinct arrangements. The unrealistic dream is someone listens to both to contrast.”

Cursed – Goat Mix (03:50) “A folk/funk-rock shuffle that morphs into a dub-reggae infused fade-out. Inspired by 70s folk-horror and a fond nod to superb Swedish band Goat. Alison Allison adds recorders.”

Cursed – Wicker Man Mix (04:00) “Inspired by the great 70s movie itself. This one starts in British folklore territory and morphs into a ‘parade of fools’, an arrangement of Branle De La Guerre (Source: Arbeau, C16). Alison Allison adds recorders and rauschpfeife. Ian Allison other instruments including renaissance percussion and PPE mask full of loose change.”


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