New Release – Cry of a Broken Heart by Filip Dahl

New Release – Cry of a Broken Heart by Filip Dahl

Filip Dahl is a Norwegian composer and multi-instrumentalist. He started his music career as lead guitarist in various Norwegian rock bands back in the 70’s, before moving on to become a recognized engineer and record producer. He was one of the main founders and owners of the highly acclaimed and successful Trondheim based BryggaStudio during the 80’s and 90’s.

He took a self-imposed break from the music scene during the beginning of the new century, but he is now fully back as a composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist. This has so far resulted in three solo albums solely composed, performed, recorded and produced by himself.

He released six new songs as singles in 2021 and his musical journey will continue in 2022 with new upcoming releases. ‘Cry of a Broken Heart’ will be out 4th March. The song will be available on all major streaming platforms. You can pre-save here.

“The song is a guitar based instrumental ballad without vocals, so the real inspiration and challenge for me was to try bring the feelings and emotions that the song is about to the listeners, only by expressing it through the tones and melody lines of the lead guitar.”

“The song starts as an almost unplugged track, with the lead guitar accompanied by only an acoustic guitar and a piano. It does however build up gradually throughout the entire song with the addition of more instruments playing along and it ends up in a huge, almost orchestral final. In the same way as on my previous releases, are all instrumental parts on ‘Cry of a Broken Heart’ performed by myself.”

“The song will also be accompanied by a music video, which will be available on the release day with this link.”

“The various clips featured in the music video was in fact shot by my wife Hilde during the recording process, and the full video is including scenes where I am performing various parts of the track on guitars, bass and keyboards. The video was then edited in order to try to give the viewer a feeling of experiencing to see the song being performed live, which would have been a bit difficult for me today without having my own dedicated backing band available. So, it could be a good future plan to get one.”