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New Release – Crushed soul & Antisocial behaviour (album) by Alvinos Zavlis

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Electronic music producer Alvinos Zavlis will release his third album ‘Crushed soul & Antisocial behaviour’ on 10 December. A pre-save link is available.

What does the album’s title reveal?

“I believe at a first glance, it reveals the tone of the album; anything that carries the title “crushed soul & antisocial behaviour” is expected to be dark, I think.”

“I also wanted the title to have nothing to do with a specific song from the album – no song on the project mentions the words antisocial or crushed soul, but rather summarize the feelings and journey the protagonist (me) goes through.”

“I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the best lyricist. This is only my first attempt at it after all, and my strength lies in production and aesthetics. So, I rely heavily on song titles, album titles, artworks, videos and all sorts of supporting material to fill in the blanks of what each song’s storyline is, since the lyrics are often simple and “to the point”. Therefore, the title sums up the thematic structure of the album.”

Does the whole album fit into a particular musical genre, or does it borrow from multiple forms?

“Like most of my work, this album started out as an idea on taking a specific genre and marrying it with my experimental electronic tendencies. The genre I started out with was Trip Hop, specifically from the 90’s. I’m a huge fan of Portishead and of their dark, gritty sound that at the same time can sound emotional and intimate.”

“During the process of finding the album, I ended up branching out to different sounds, moods and genres, creating something that at moments sounds like Trip Hop, Trap, Drum & Bass or something completely fresh and different.”

“Looking back at the finished album, I’d say the thing that ties the whole project together is not genre or style, but rather mood and atmosphere.”

Is this release different from your previous albums?

“It’s different in a lot of ways from my previous albums. It’s my first full project that features me as a vocalist, an area that was very scary and exciting to explore!”

“The biggest difference though, is that this is a visual album. Every song on the album has its own visual piece, shot and edited by me, and they are meant to be watched with the album, in order to enhance the listening experience. I also believe the visual pieces add something to the songs, whether it’s meaning, intensity or atmosphere.”

“Additionally, every song on the album has its own artwork, designed by me, inspired by the theme of each song and they are intended to further flesh out each song’s meaning. The artworks will be featured on my website and Bandcamp on release day. I also dare say that this is my most polished, focused and also accessible album yet. My first album was me trying to find a unique voice as an electronic producer, ‘Time travels’ was avant-garde in a lot of ways, very experimental and hard to wrap one’s head around, so I believe ‘Crushed soul & antisocial behaviour’ is the perfect marriage of the two, but packaged in more straightforward song structures.”

Alvinos has already released four singles of the new album. The song ‘Can’t let U go’ is the fifth and final single off the album, a dark, trip hop inspired song about not being able to let go of someone who’s hurt you.


Alvinos Zavlis is an electronic music producer from Cyprus based in Bristol (UK). Genre-bending, gritty and organic are the most common words used to describe his music. He has released two full albums, one EP, and countless singles.

Alvinos is already working on various projects planned for 2022; either as a music producer for artists he develops, an engineer for clients or as a videographer/visual artist for projects he produced or for clients.

Written by: leancool20

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