New Release – Corona by Nice Guy

New Release – Corona by Nice Guy

NICE GUY are a five-piece indie rock outfit from Middlesbrough (UK). The band formed in late 2018 and have been steadily crafting their sound and gigging around the country since.

The name of their new release is ‘Corona’. It will be out 4th November. A pre-save is available.

What is ‘Corona’ about?

“It’s a story about a man who has somewhat lost his way, and is thinking back to the days of drinking in the park with his friends and the girl he liked. He’s wondering why he’s still drinking when the glamour it held for him has long since left, when everything and everyone around him has moved on, lyrics like ‘all that mattered was finding your bedroom’ are intended to highlight the naive frame of mind he once had, compared to the problems he faces now.”

What inspired you to write this song? 

“I wrote the song over 10 years ago, it was meant to be a nostalgic look back at the stage of your life when you’re discovering alcohol with your friends, only to realise that the appeal wasn’t the alcohol, but the company you spent it with. It’s a song about change and how it can creep up on you without realising. I think it was written during a time when I was searching for a purpose.”

Where was the song recorded? 

“The song was recorded with the wonderful team at Sugar House in St Helens. They’ve an incredible roster of acts that they’ve worked with, from Viola Beach to The Pale Waves. So for us to be there was just incredible. We almost got a sense of imposter syndrome because all of our previous releases have been self-recorded in various locations with the help of our friend/producer Luke Bamford, so to step into a studio and see the way they work and just approach things differently was a great experience.”