New Release – Come with me? by Frakard

New Release – Come with me? by Frakard

Frakard are Cardiff (Wales) based trio of loud that dabbles in the world of alternative rock. Founding members Ben Sawyer (vocals) & Ben Jones (guitar) kicked things off in 2018 making waves within the live grassroots circuit of Wales, sharing the first self produced EP in 2019 titled ‘Demos’. In 2021, when the world began to return to some form of normality, James King (drums) was drafted in to help surge a reboot for the band.

Their recent single ‘Slate’ was produced and mastered by Grammy nominated Romesh Dodangoda, which went on to receive significant radio play on both BBC Wales and Planet Rock. Their upcoming new single ‘Come with me?’ was recorded and mixed by Tom Williams.

“The song is about relationships that are destined to fail before they even get off the ground. It’s going be the first of three new songs we have out in the tail end of this year, each contributing to an overarching story, ‘Come with me?’, being that honeymoon period of the relationship, the “Summer of excitement”.”

“We’re at a funny old period with our career where our main aim is to just spread the word a bit more, we want the world to hear Frakard but in this highly competitive industry that’s not always easy, so if we can gain at least a few more fans with it we’re happy.”

“The song was recorded and mixed by a criminally underrated chap named Tom Williams at Unit 13 Music Studio in Tredegar, Wales. After recording our previous release with Romesh we had a high bar set, but Tom absolutely delivered on all fronts, also helps that he was significantly cheaper. (haha)”

“There will be a lyric video to accompany it, which I’m pretty sure current plan is to release the same day. We’re saving the full production videos for the next two releases, but we’re going full DIY for them all, with James having put together the lyric video with some crappy little editing software on his phone. Cool story though, the background of it is just a video of a Japan skyline at night while raining, although now thinking about it that’s not a very “Summer of excitement” vibe. (haha)”

“Without a doubt there’s both panic and excitement for this release. We obviously love the song and get very excited every time we play it, however there’s always that doubt as to whether the general public will replicate that feeling, or even hear it in the first place, so we’re always preying to the rock gods that the next one gets that little extra traction than the last. We do, however, try to remind ourselves we’re only here for us,everything else that comes with it is a bonus.”

‘Come with me?’ is out 14th July.


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