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New Release – Combinations V.2 by Another Heavy Summer

todaySeptember 15, 2021 80

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Another Heavy Summer are a groove metal band, born in 2019, and formed by Pietro Blanca (guitar/bass) and Fabrizio Trovato (drums). The two members are based in the UK and Italy, combining old and modern styles of rock and metal – influences span from Killswitch Engage to Pantera to Testament.

On 17th September Another Heavy Summer will release their EP Combinations V.2. The instrumental version of this EP was out last year. This is the vocal version featuring guest vocal performances from:

– Oli Perry of Thirteen
– Giulio Matheson of Skull Above the Cannon
– Craig Mckenzie of Megalomatic
– Federico Indelicato of Turbobobcat

Opening up the EP is Another Heavy Summer’s very own, Pietro Blanca on vocals. Dino Fiorenza features on bass on the tracks Shortand ‘An East Way To Get Out’. Dino Fiorenza has played with musicians such as Slash, Paul Gilbert, Zack Wilde, Billy Sheehan, John Macaluso and Steve Vai. And we can’t leave out the stick man – Fabrizio Trovato, who absolutely smashes it on the drums.

Is this release different from your previous releases?

“This “new” EP with vocals is an improvement to what Fabrizio and I played and recorded together over the years in various bands of different genres. It’s something that we’re really proud of.”

One of the songs on the EP is ‘Ghost Feet’ which features Giulio Matheson on vocals. How did this collaboration come about?

“I met Giulio probably around 8 years ago. We lived in the same city and played in different bands sharing a similar taste in music. He has a very particular voice, so it has been a pleasure to have him collaborating on this song ‘Ghost Feet’. I was looking for singers for each song and I thought this song would fit perfectly for Giulio’s voice. I’m really happy about the results.”

What does ‘Ghost Feet’ mean to you?

“This song means having had the opportunity to enjoy something special, writing music with close friends. It means one more step that got us to make the EP a reality.”

What’s your favourite memory of writing and/or recording?

“To embrace the power of an 8 string guitar and make something special through difficult times we’ve all experienced lately. To us, music represents a beautiful expression that has always supported us in every situation.”

“Fabrizio recorded the drums using Alesis electronic drums, I recorded the guitars with an 8 string Schecter and the Bass with a 5 string Ibanez. All recorded at our own home studios. Giulio recorded his vocals from his house and sent them over to me. This applies to the rest of the EP. The vocals were recorded at local studios or at home set-ups.”

Written by: leancool20

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