New Release – Cloud Nine by Jim Sanger and Nic Evennett

New Release – Cloud Nine by Jim Sanger and Nic Evennett

Jim Sanger (UK) started as a guitarist and songwriter in indie rock bands, but now mostly writes music for film and television. He has scored several award winning films including ‘Loco’ which won best film at the 2021 BFI Future Film Festival.

“The track ‘Cloud Nine’ started as a piece of film score for a project I was working on last year. The film didn’t end up getting finished for a few reasons, but I’d got attached to the music. I was trying to think what I might do with it when Nic heard it and asked me to send it over. She then wrote this beautiful song around it, completely transforming it.”

Nic Evennett who wrote the lyrics and sings on the track is a singer songwriter from Kent who comes from a folk background. She released an album called ‘Waiting For The Leaves‘ last year with a couple of the tracks having been used in The Mortimer and Whitehouse Gone Fishing show on BBC2.

“Nic and I have never actually met in person. We first got chatting a couple of years ago on Souncloud where we both post music and were mutual fans of each other. This isn’t the first time Nic has turned my instrumentals into songs and there are a couple of other tracks up there. There’s one called ‘Tricks’ on my page I’m particularly fond of.”

“The song ‘Cloud Nine’ was originally based around the piano with some delicate guitar and string parts and a low pulsing synth bass. Nic then added her vocals and some amazing harmonies as well as some bigger, more dynamic string parts towards the end that really made the track come to life.”

“It has a Scandi Noir type of sound and I half joked to Nic it wouldn’t sound out of place as theme music for one of those types of shows. This is partly what made us decide to release it properly, on the off chance it got picked up and used by someone. I also thought what Nic had done was too good just to sit on my Soundcloud page and I’d love it to reach a wider audience.”

“I’ve put together a video for the song, editing together a lot of different clips that particularly suit that kind of style. The aim was to make it look like a title sequence or trailer for an existing show or film.”

‘Cloud Nine’ will be out 11th February.