New Release – Can’t (SadBoi Anthem) by Alvinos Zavlis

New Release – Can’t (SadBoi Anthem) by Alvinos Zavlis

UK-based electronic music producer Alvinos Zavlis writes, records, produces, mixes and masters songs for himself and other artists. His songs ‘Sexy pasta & Korean Film‘ and ‘Wampakacha‘ were in our chart. His new track ‘Can’t (SadBoi Anthem)‘ will be out on March 12.

“This song is about coming to the realization that you are completely obsessed with a person you can’t be with, in a way that is self-destructing and unhealthy. The chorus expresses that realization with the lyrics “I cannot live like this; I cannot sleep like this”. You basically wish to be free of that person but you are not ready to let go yet, even though you acknowledge how harmful the situation is to you.”

“This release is quite different from my past ones in a lot of ways. This is actually my first official release that features me as a singer; so far, I stuck to producing, but I felt it was time to explore this avenue as well. It is also sonically quite different than my past releases. It has a dark/ominous tone that fits with my early work but in a more contemporary trap setting with a lot of industrial influences! The opening synths are also from my violin which is rarely featured in my productions.”

“I hope to expand my audience, since I believe this is a very marketable song that doesn’t sacrifice experimentation and production value in order to appeal to a wider audience. I also wanted to share with my existing fans this new aspect of my artistry, which will be a lot more prominent in the future as I’m already working on a bunch of songs that I also sing. Finally, I hope someone can relate to what the song’s about and see it as a fun way to escape, but also as a reminder that so many of us go through tough relationships.”