New Release – Call Me What You Like by Lovejoy

New Release – Call Me What You Like by Lovejoy

Lovejoy – the only indie rock band with a double kick drum, are a four-piece indie band based in Brighton (UK). The band comprises of guitarist and vocalist Will Gold, known professionally as Wilbur Soot, guitarist Joe Goldsmith, bassist Ash Kabosu and drummer Mark Boardman. The band is named after Benedict Lovejoy, a close friend of the band, who would sit with the band during their early songwriting.

Lovejoy’s music carries British indie rock, best described as a combination of (early) Arctic Monkeys and The Strokes. Their lyrics usually have a comedy element and center around failed romance and politics.

Their debut EP ‘Are You Alright?’ was released in May 2021. Their follow up EP ‘Pebble Brain’ was released in October 2021. Their upcoming single ‘Call Me What You Like’ is the first single from their upcoming third EP, ‘WU&IO’. Fans have been speculating about the meaning of ‘WU&IO’.

Here’s what Will mentioned on Twitch:

“The music in itself is not very different from the previous EPs. It’s quite similar to our style. It’s a bit less ‘Pebble Brain’ and a bit more ‘Are You Alright?’. Our first EP was verse, chorus, verse, chorus and outro. This one goes in a few weird directions and we do some weird stuff.”

Will mentioned on Twitter that ‘Call Me What You Like’ is his favourite song from the new EP.

The cover art for ‘Call Me What You Like’ was created by Maria Totino, a Montreal based multidisciplinary artist. She is a photographer, digital artist, miniaturist and filmmaker. For the cover art she made fake miniatures, including water and an explosion.

The single along with the new music video, will be out 10th February. Pre-save ‘Call Me What You Like’ for a daily surprise.


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