New Release – Broken Together by LEAVETAKING

New Release – Broken Together by LEAVETAKING

LEAVETAKING is a pop songwriting team based in NY and LA. Founding members Tony and Matt, began making music together in 2011, when Tony was hired to produce an EP for Matt’s solo project. Their creative synergy was undeniable, and from that, a deep friendship and mutual appreciation emerged. Subsequently, Tony and Matt remained close friends while embarking on individual paths in music. 

Tony made a home in Los Angeles and found success as a producer, engineer, vocalist, and songwriter. He has written, recorded, engineered, and/or mixed numerous songs that have received substantial radio airplay internationally. At the same time, Matt remained in New York and continued his journey as a performing singer/songwriter.

In 2020, Tony and Matt continued to cultivate their creative synergy and friendship by writing, recording, and producing songs for sync licensing. The organic and vulnerable writing and recording process that they had established was heavily influenced by their friendship and resulted in songs that were deeply personal to Tony and Matt. Influenced by songs from acts like One Republic, Imagine Dragons, Daughtry, and Keane, they were creating a versatile song catalog that spanned genres like pop, indie-rock, synth-pop, and folk-pop, while writing vulnerable and relatable lyrics that can connect to a large demographic. As a result, Tony and Matt decided to release their songs and LEAVETAKING was established.

In 2021 LEAVETAKING is expected to schedule numerous releases and each release will be available via Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and all other major digital stores. On April 23rd ‘Broken Together‘ will be released. ‘Broken Together’ is an uplifting, upbeat, pop/rock song about friendship, love, and redemption.  

“’Broken Together’ is about two people who are struggling individually to make ends meet, but use those struggles to care for each other and strengthen their relationship. This story is not really suggestive of a romantic relationship, although it could be interpreted that way. Vulnerability is such an important component in songwriting. We’ve struggled and our friendship has really grown from that, which has been the basis of LEAVETAKING.

We wrote this song in the summer of 2020. The melody inspired the story. Sometimes the melody comes together quickly and the process becomes more like top-lining. It really allowed us to dig deep and we really connect with this story.” 

“Matt came up with the song idea with an a acoustic guitar, vocal melody, and lyrical concept. Tony added a lot of details to the melody and concept. On the recording, Matt played most of the guitars, bass, synth, and sang the vocals. Tony did some amazing work with the drums, synth parts, guitars, and created killer mixes and master recordings. We record and mix ourselves! We are really grateful to have the resources and relationship to work together, keep costs at a minimum, and maintain creative control. We do all of our recording remotely because we live across country in the US. We definitely miss being in the same room to write and record.”

We also created the artwork. We really loved the way it looked. The story of ‘Broken Together’ swings between emotional highs and lows and the artwork kind of spoke to that.”

“When systems are in place to make a lot of music, each one becomes a little less personal. Each song means a lot to us, but it’s easier to say “the next song will be better” when we are always writing.

“This song is under contract with a publisher for synch opportunities, so we hope to get some TV/film placements! We aren’t particular about it, but we could envision it being used in a drama or dramedy film.”