New Release – Breathe Out Grace by Eleanor Collides

New Release – Breathe Out Grace by Eleanor Collides

Eleanor Collides (UK) is the solo project of singer, songwriter and guitarist Nick Ranga. Eleanor Collides combines several disparate influences into a unique blend of dreamy indie rock. Named after Nick’s childhood imaginary friend, Eleanor Collides started life as a lockdown project in March of 2021. After writing songs for many years Nick finally decided to record them and Eleanor Collides was born!

His new single ‘Breathe Out Grace’ will be out 13th January.

“It is a song about forgiveness, about making peace with who you are. It is an anthem for the hopeless, a prayer for the left behind. As with a lot of my music there is a positive message hidden beneath a dreamy melancholy atmosphere. For me that message is what makes you different is not a weakness, it is a strength and it should be celebrated.”

“With this song I’m exploring certain slowcore influences, artists like Low, Mazzy Star and Grouper. My approach with this song was to strip away everything that was not needed and get to the bare essentials of the song. I was fascinated by the cavernous spaces in Low’s album ‘I Could Live in Hope’ and I tried to capture some of that feeling.”

“The artwork is one of my photographs, taken in Lyme Regis in the UK. I’ve been experimenting with film photography recently and this is one of the better ones. I really like the hot pink border and lettering against the black and white grainy image.”

“As with all my music it is a completely self-produced effort. Many will say you should hand over your music to someone else to mix and master, but I love the creative freedom I get from being able to handle the entire process myself. It was recorded, mixed and mastered at home in my flat in London.”