New Release – Bossa Never by Time. Space. Repeat.

New Release – Bossa Never by Time. Space. Repeat.

Time. Space. Repeat. is a one-man recording project that began in Brighton (UK) around 2004. A handful of EPs and albums, most recently 2021’s ‘Oneironaut’, led to Time. Space. Repeat. taking part in the Lights and Lines #albumwritingchallenge in May 2023, with the idea being to write and record an entire album in a month. As part of the submission, singles from each album were entered into a public vote, which Time. Space. Repeat. won with over 15% of the total votes. That single ‘Bossa Never’ is now reaching the public on 11th August.

How would you describe ‘Bossa Never’?

‘A rollicking bossa-nova-shoegaze instrumental that takes in the guitars of Mogwai and Spiritualized with the lead basswork of New Order and the marimbas of Carl Orff.”

Is there a story behind the cover artwork?

“The cover artwork was made by my 14-year-old daughter, who is far better at art than I am. I wanted to capture the retro futuristic feel of Bauhaus prints with a colour scheme reminiscent of the sixties easy listening and jazz releases where bossa nova first reached popularity.”

Why did you decide to release this song as the first single of the upcoming album?

“As the single was up for a public vote, I felt that this was one of the catchiest, most upbeat songs on the album and would serve as a good jumping off point for anyone who likes odd instrument choices, synths, shoegaze guitars and instrumentals. There is a broad narrative to the album as a whole, and this comes from the optimistic hedonism of the first half.”


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