New Release – Bones by HOL

New Release – Bones by HOL

HOL a.k.a. Hollie Findlay is a singer, songwriter and producer. She was born in Athens (Greece) in 2003 and grew up on the island of Kefalonia. She split her early teens between the UK and Greece. HOL has been singing since as early as she can remember and started performing at the young age of 14.

HOL’s latest song is called ‘Bones‘. The release date is 16th July.

“This song is really personal to me. I wrote it over a few months where I was going through my first heartbreak, and even recorded the vocals in my bedroom studio while I sang what I was feeling. Listening back now, I can really hear the rawness of the emotion I was feeling at the moment.”

“My music has been slowly evolving over the last year or two, and this song is only one example of how much change and improvement I’m putting into each song I create. Bones is by far my favourite in terms of sound and instrumentation, but also in terms of what to means to me.”

“One of my favourite parts, when I’ve finished or nearly finished a song, is giving it a name and artwork. I’ve always made my own artwork, because it feels so much more real that way, and I generally have a clear idea of what I want it to look like. This time, it was highly inspired by bands like Cocteau Twins and my bloody valentine with the blurry effects. In the actual artwork I’ve hidden pictures and symbols that represent the song, things that are hardly noticeable until you know what to look for.”