New Release – Blind by Lyon Tide

New Release – Blind by Lyon Tide

Lyon Tide released their debut single ‘Closure‘ on 1 January. Their follow up ‘Blind‘ will be available on 19 February. Everyone who pre-saves will get a free remix version of ‘Closure’ as a token of their gratitude!

As I’m writing this Lyon Tide are working on the video accompanying their new release. What is it like to film the new music video during lockdown?

“It was a weird and frustrating situation as we are all in an eternal lockdown here in the UK and couldn’t really move forward on the original ideas we had. With ‘Closure’, we put out an animation which captured the melancholic vibe quite well but didn’t really want to go in the same direction again. So, we bounced a few ideas off our music video director, who is also currently blocked in Italy. We eventually came up with a plan to film it over there, but that meant we wouldn’t be able to be in our own video even though normally, we don’t like to appear, but now it’s like, because we can’t be involved at all, we want to be in it at all costs. Who knows, maybe we’ll make a cameo via a Zoom call.”

What inspired you to write ‘Blind’?

“Personal experiences, like most of our music… To sum up, our writing process goes pretty much like this; relationship > break up > depression > write about it So, ‘Blind’ is kind of a sequel to ‘Closure’ in a way; while ‘Closure’ explores the emotions and mindset after coming out of a long term relationship, ‘Blind’ explores the post break-up realization that, maybe you did have a good thing going but were too blind to see it. It’s the “What if?” or “If only?” mental process we go through after a person is no longer around and what should have been done to save it. That said, it’s not as melancholic as Closure, it’s a lot more energetic and electro-rock-poppier, it’s the Godfather Part II sequel that was supposedly better than the original — we hope everyone feels the same way.”

What were your favourite moments of writing or recording?

“In general, the best part of recording is when you sit back with what you consider a finished cut and play it back on the loud speakers. If it feels like you’re listening to someone else’s music, not your own, then you know it’s there. That happened immediately with this track, we just looked at each other and thought, damn, this needs to be a single. In regards to writing, Darren has an ironic sense of humor and enjoys putting a happier sounding twist on Anthony’s sad and depressive lyrics. However, in this case, that turned out to be a good thing. We feel that the chorus line on ‘Blind’ is something that will get people hooked and allow them to sing along, something that ‘Closure’ didn’t really have and that excites us.”

I love the artwork for your upcoming single. It’s the same style as ‘Closure’, which I also loved. Who makes your artwork?

“They’re done by a fantastic UK artist called Liz Ahmet. She’s not on Twitter, but you can see her work on Instagram.”